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Explore the arguments against construction of the Pebble Mine from environmental, economic, and anthropological perspectives.

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Examine the potential benefits of the Pebble Mine. Understand the financial incentives for construction, as well as the possible benefits to local people and the economy as a whole.

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The Debate Continues

Read more about the continued argument over the Pebble Mine. Consider the issue from both sides, and weigh the consequences of every action.

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"Only after the last tree has been cut down. Only after the last river has been poisoned. Only after the last fish has been caught. Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten."

-Native American Proverb

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Is Aquaculture a worthy alternative for salmon production?

While debating the importance of the Bristol Bay fishery it is critical to consider possible alternatives for salmon production in case something was to go wrong with this mining project and the Bristol Bay fishery is seriously affected. Currently, Bristol Bay supplies nearly half the world’s Sockeye Salmon. However, in the overall salmon market over […]

The Good of Gold

Part of what makes the Pebble Mine debate so interesting is that the mining industry has come head-to-head with the fishing industry.  But in other places around the world it is the gold mining industry that has been established.  A website called “Goldfacts” is run by the World Gold Council, and shares many of the […]

The Fight Continues

Several weeks ago, the EPA made the rare decision to use their authority and the Clean Water Act to pause permitting for the Pebble Mine and begin the process of permanently halting the construction of the mine. However, Alaskan senator Lisa Murkowski recently cosponsored a senate bill called the “Regulatory Fairness Act”, which would prohibit […]

The Pebble Mine in Popular Media

The debate over the Pebble Mine has been expanding beyond mining interests, fishermen, and environmentalist. A documentary entitled "Red Gold" was released in 2008, and has received a lot of attention. Although the documentary has performed very well in film festivals, the Pebble Partnership has accused it of misrepresenting facts about the mine. View the teaser for "Red Gold" to the right.